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PyOPC based servers also support detailed logging and provides the following three different logs:

Access Logging:
If a client accesses the PyOPC server, the clients IP address and the requested SOAPAction, which defines the OPC operation is logged in this file. The default file name for the access log is ``access.log''.
Error Logging:
PyOPC server errors are kept in this log. Its default name is ``error.log''.
Debug Information:
During development and tests, it is often interesting for the programmer to have access to further information, especially to the client/server communication. Therefore PyOPC logs the SOAP messages along with the HTTP header in a pretty-printed style. By default the debug log is disabled.

The file names of these logs can be configure by setting the server attributes ``access_log_fn'', ``error_log_fn'' and ``http_log_fn'' to the desired name. Moreover, logging can also be omitted by setting one or more of these attributes to a blank string.

Hermann Himmelbauer 2006-11-07